AAWP plugin for WordPress: How to earn income with Amazon Affiliates

Still don’t know the WordPress AAWP plugin? In this article, you will learn how to use AAWP and start generating income through Amazon affiliates

AAWP WordPress Plugin

What is AAWP Plugin

With the help of Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins (AAWP), you can effectively and easily integrate and promote products from the Amazon store on your website. Whether it’s text links, product boxes, best-seller lists, news lists, data fields, widgets, or comparison tables.

You only need a shortcode to use these functions, which you can insert anywhere on your website. Of course, you can also use different widgets for product output within the sidebar.

Current product information at any time

AAWP Plugin helps us all embedded products are displayed with current product information at all times. This means that the affiliate links are updated regularly, so that, for example, images, titles, prices, discounts, or descriptions are always up to date. Furthermore, the Amazon Plugin can be flexibly configured. The result of the products can be easily adapted to your own needs in the Plugin surroundings and through the available attributes.

With this plugin we will be able to adapt the content of our affiliate links to our users in order to generate more income, attracting our audience to Amazon products that generate a commission if they are purchased.

How to use AAWP Plugin

To start using it we will have to purchase and download it from its official website. After this, we will only have to upload it to our hosting and enter the details of our license.

How to use AAWP Plugin

Once the AAWP plugin is downloaded and installed, we will have to configure some features to take full advantage of the performance of this plugin.

The AAWP WordPress plugin is capable of displaying affiliate links to our users tailored to the country you are visiting from, in order to earn commission on all Amazon websites regardless of country.

To achieve this, we will have to activate the geotargeting function, within the plugin’s functions tab and enter all our affiliate IDs from the different Amazon Marketplace in the Amazon API tab.

AAWP WordPress plugin Shortcodes

There are several code snippets that we can use to insert affiliate links into other elements that are more attractive or attractive to users:

  • Comparative tables: Product comparative tables can be created from the plugin administration menu in the tables tab. From here we will only have to add the data of the products that we want to compare and we will obtain a shortcode that we can enter in the content of our page and will show a comparison that will attract the attention of users.
  • Lists of best-selling products: We can use a shortcode that shows a list of the best-selling products in a specific category.

[amazon bestseller =” CATEGORY”]

  • New Product Lists – With AAWP, we can also display a list of the most recently added products to a category.

[amazon new =” CATEGORY”]

  • Product boxes: AAWP can also display the products and their information organized in boxes through a shortcode. We just need to know the ASIN code of the product we want to show and enter it in the shortcode.

[amazon box = ”ASIN”]

You can also include more than one object in the box, separating the ASINs with commas. We can select the type of box by adding the template option in the shortcode, and we can even enter custom buttons in it with the button_detail option.

[amazon box = ”ASIN” template = ”vertical” button_detail = ”URL” button_detail_text = ”text_button”]

AAWP WordPress plugin Shortcodes

Advantages of using the WordPress AAWP plugin

Easy to install

We can easily install this plugin on our WordPress website just by downloading it, uploading it to our server, installing and activating it from the WordPress administration panel.

Aid to conversion

With AAWP WordPress plugin we will improve the experience of our users, since our ads will be better adapted to them and will be more striking, attracting attention and encouraging clicks on them. This will make us achieve a greater number of conversions.

Using AAWP WordPress plugin will make the tasks of creating and adapting links to the design and content of a web page much more comfortable, offering us different template formats and centralizing the creation of links in your administration panel.

From what we have seen, if what we want is to make money through Amazon affiliates, the best option to get the best results is the WordPress AAWP plugin. With it, we will adapt the links to our users to grow our sales.

In addition, users of our Amazon affiliate can choose from a variety of WordPress Plugins designs and styles. They can also create their own templates for product output. Increase your click-through rate today and increase your earnings on Amazon PartnerNet.

Benefit of AAWP Plugins

As a user of our Plugins, you benefit from a high level of customer satisfaction, German support (e-mail / chat) and a 30-day money-back guarantee. The most important functions of our affiliate Plugins of the Amazon at a glance:

  • Text links
  • Single (or multiple) product boxes
  • Bestsellers (Lists) and news (Lists)
  • Data fields
  • Widgets
  • Comparison tables
  • Click tracking and geo-target
  • Caching
  • Different styles/designs, own templates
  • Ready templates
  • Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

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